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I can't stop friendly pets from being visible
Bug #: 5159
File: Aloft
Date: 11-15-08 11:30 PM
By: walkerstreet
Status: Awaiting Feedback
I have Wrath of the Lich KIng already installed and patched to 3.0.3. I have set Aloft to only show friendly players in my "group". It keeps on showing pets for players outside of my group. This is weird. When I come into a room, none of the players (not in my group) have nameplates (which is what I want). The people's pets are showing. No matter what I do I can't get rid of this. The only thing is to disable Aloft completely (shift-v or disabling the addon).
Please fix this or let me know how I can get around it.
Otherwise, I love your addon.
Kind regards,
(user: walkerstreet)

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By: acapela - 11-16-08 06:20 PM
i cannot reproduce this... but i have done quite a bit of work on your Death Knight problem (which was a similar problem, as it turns out... a problem with propagating unitids properly when joining/leaving groups), and Phanx's nameplate color problem, and i may have already cleaned up whatever defect was causing this.

with a hunter in group, i am able to get rid of the hunters pet (from the hunter's perspective), get rid of the hunters pet (from everyone else's perspective), and with the hunter not in group i can do the same... all depending on which pet/NPC option i fiddle under "Aloft>Visibility".