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Not able to target
Bug #: 6210
File: Aloft (Beta)
Date: 10-20-09 03:27 PM
By: And
Status: Fixed
I've just downloaded latest (Aloft-2.8.11-1431) and I experience an annoying problem. I can't interact with nameplates anymore, I mean that nothing happens if I click on them with my left mouse button.
I checked the options and I have the Enable Mouse option active on my frame section.
Can you please help me? I never had a similar problem with previous version.

And :)

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By: And - 10-22-09 03:19 AM
It looks like that this bug has been ackonowledged, as reported into the Comments section and it looks to be fixed in Aloft-2.8.11a-1435.
Thank you!
By: acapela - 10-28-09 07:41 PM
yeah, this was definitely a bug, and hopefully is now fixed. thanks to you, and everyone else, who reported this.