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Nameplates are not hidden if you're in combat (module Visibility, "Hide Unit Names")
Bug #: 7148
File: Aloft (Beta)
Date: 12-30-10 01:13 PM
By: millanzarreta
Status: Not a Bug
Sorry for my bad English.


Module Visibility->Hide Unit Names

This nameplates are not hidden if you're in combat; only hidden when you leave combate or if you're not in combat.

Because of this, this option becomes somewhat useless


Good Job ;D

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By: pahina22 - 01-10-11 05:46 PM
this is the only problem that I have with this mod. I dont understand why it would be set to this, since as you said, it basically makes this feature useless
By: acapela - 01-10-11 09:07 PM
duplicate of the recent report from "pahina22".

i commented on this in this forum thread.

in summary, enable the AloftAlpha module, and use the associated Visibility options to enable using nameplate alpha to control visibility.
By: millanzarreta - 01-10-11 11:17 PM
Ohh great! Viewing the code I noticed that you use the Alpha option when the PJ is in combat, but I did not know that it worked correctly if the Alpha module are active and so I thought it was a bug.

Problem solved, great!
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