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Different nameplates for Friendly / Enemy units
Feature #: 4612
File: Aloft
Date: 11-04-12 01:08 AM
By: vognar
Status: Under Review

I don't know if that's doable but a feature allowing to set 2 different types of namaplates for friendly/enemy units would be just awesome. I would like to point out MOST COMMON use of friendly and enemy nameplates:

-watching position of enemy
-watching HP
-recognizing class (pvp purposses mostly)
-recognizing name
-recognizing level

-watching position of friends
-recognizing class (pvp purposses mostly)

Friendly that are not needed as much as the above:
-targeting (almost everyone does it on frames)
-watching HP (almost everyone does it on frames)
-recognizing name (that's situational but I put it here since it's not so important)
-recognizing level (almost always ppl have knowledge about levels of their party/raid etc. members)

Therefore my choice would be to have larger/wider nameplates with more info for enemys and only small, tiny bars for friendly players so I know where they are.