How does linking profiles/clones and their options work?
What does it do?
As the description says it lets you 'link' options together across multiple profiles and clones. So if you make a change to a linked option in one profile, this change is also automatically made in all linked profiles. This should make it a lot more pleasant to manage multiple profiles!

The following part will describe linking options across profiles only. Linking of Clones and their options is done in exactly the same way, but you use CONTROL-click instead of SHIFT-click.

There's basically two steps to create links between profiles:

First you create a link between profiles. You do this by activating a profile that you want to link with another. Then SHIFT-click on the tab of the other profile(s) you want to link. Linked profile tabs will change borders. If the profile that you are linking to was already linked with other profiles, these profiles will all be linked too.

The second step is actually linking specific options. You do this by SHIFT-clicking an option label (or actually, the background). The background color of an option indicates if it is linked or not. You can quickly link more options together by SHIFT-clicking option headers.

SHIFT-clicking an already linked profile or option will again unlink it. When a profile link is removed and only still belongs to one profile, that link and its linked options are deleted completely. Be careful with this if you want the addon to remember what options you had linked.

That's pretty much it! ;)

Some important things:
Important to know is that after you link an option, its value is already copied to the linked profiles!

When you already have options linked, and are linking a new profile, the set of linked options will remain the same. But to avoid unintended changes in the newly linked profile, no settings will change for the linked options in the newly linked profile. This means that having an option linked doesn't always mean that it has the same settings everywhere! There's an option to automatically fix all options that are linked but are not currently set the same, though.

To make linking easier to work with, I also added indications to the options to see if they are set the same across all linked profiles. This also makes it easy to see what will happen if you use the 'Cross-profile link now!' function.

What is Automatic Linking?
If you choose 'Cross-profile link now!', all options that have the same settings across all linked profiles will be linked together. Also, every new profile you create can be linked by default.

The first time you run v1.975 the addon will ask you if you want to link all profiles together, linking all options that are set the same everywhere and if you want to automatically link every new profile you create in the future. You can always change this in the advanced options under 'Options linking'.

Other things worth mentioning:
You can find all linking related settings at Advanced Options > Options linking.

The 'Customize' (Spell Coloring/Filtering) option is treated as ONE single option. This means that if you edit a cross-linked Customize option, the complete changed list is copied, not just the change you made.

The options in clones can be linked cross-PROFILE too. To be copied to the linked profiles you have to make sure the custom names of the clones are the same in the profiles, otherwise nothing will happen. You can edit those names yourself, but make sure the clone names are unique within the same profile or unwanted things may happen.

Clone links are saved per profile. Linking profiles together currently does not mean that clone links in those profiles will automatically be copied or updated in the linked profiles. Existing clone links will be copied when you copy a profile, though.

Shift- or control clicking an options frame or category will toggle links for all options in that frame or category. When you don't hold ALT, only options that are the same across all linked profiles/clones will be linked. When you do hold ALT, everything will be linked/unlinked and the settings of your currently active profile/clone will be copied to all linked clones/profiles (which is what normally happens when you link a single option).