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Smart target name tag.
Feature #: 3626
File: UnitFrameTweaks
Date: 06-19-09 01:01 AM
By: ckramme
Status: Flagged for Future Version
the only thing I find wrong with the standard unitframes is that target name is always a pain to read, except for other players.

In this thread there is some pretty nifty code for making smart name tags.

It will shorten long names, fx two mobs called Westfall Defias Bandit and Westfall Defias Rogue.

In normal unitframes both of these will be seen as "Westfall Defia".
With the suggestion in the above thread, those two mobs will be seen as "W. D. Bandit" and "W. D. Rogue" which makes it alot easier to read what you have targeted.

If this is all impossible to change on blizzard frames then just /ignore me :D

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By: AnduinLothar - 07-06-09 05:45 PM
Looks like it's just a gsub: string.gsub(name, "%s?(.)%S+%s", "%1. ")
Easy enough, but the last name might not always be the most important word in the name.