Roth UI (Diablo)
How do I move frames
You can move nearly every frame in the game.

/rabs lock --will lock all actionbars
/rabs unlock --will unlock all actionbars
/diablo lockart --will lock all art frames
/diablo unlockart --will unlock all art frames
/diablo lockbars --will lock all the toolbars (soulshards, castbars, combobar etc.)
/diablo unlockbars --will unlock all the toolbars (soulshards, castbars, combobar etc.)
/diablo lockunits --will lock all the unitframes
/diablo unlockunits --will unlock all the unitframes
/rbfs lock --will lock the player aura frames
/rbfs unlock --will unlock the player aura frames
/rmm lock --will lock the minimap cluster
/rmm unlock --will unlock the minimap cluster
/rthreat lock --will lock the threat table
/rthreat unlock --will unlock the threat table
/rabs reset--will reset all actionbars
/diablo resetart --will reset all art frames
/diablo resetbars --will reset all the toolbars (soulshards, castbars, combobar etc.)
/diablo resetunits --will reset all the unitframes
/rbfs reset --will reset the player aura frames
/rmm reset --will reset the minimap cluster

All other frames can be moved in the corresponding lua files by changing the position.

Step-by-step example for a new char.

After login the petbar and the warlock shards are out of place. So lets move them.

First unlock the actionbars. Then move the petbar. Lock the actionbars thereafter.
Now unlock the diablo bars. Move the shardbar (which is part of the unitframes) and lock the diablo bars thereafter.

Moving castbars:
Really easy. Target yourself, begin to cast hearthstone. Tons of time to move all the bars. You can even focus yourself to move the focus bar aswell. Cancel the cast, rince+repeat.