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A bunch of updates
By: neriak_x - 11-11-06 09:45 PM
Just uploaded a new version of Paparazzi, AH Wipe and FruityLoots. More to come soon

gfxToggle 2 in the works
By: neriak_x - 11-07-06 04:43 AM
gfxToggle2 will be an AllInOne addon. gfxToggle + FuBarPlugin, Ace 2 and FuBar 2 compatible. 90% of work is already done

gfxToggle a./R16 + FuBar - gfxToggleGUI 1.1.4 released
By: neriak_x - 04-28-06 06:33 AM
So here they are .. both new, polished and improved for your use and fun in game.
I changed a lot of things and worked on a better performance, they both play well now.
Check out the Patch Notes.

Have fun.

gfxToggle + FuBar - gfxToggleGUI
By: neriak_x - 04-21-06 05:11 AM
At the moment I'm revamping both AddOns for more performance and adding a "Medium" setting for the graphics. It does well but it's not ready for release yet. Please be patient.

gfxToggle a./R15
By: neriak_x - 04-10-06 05:15 AM
I forgot to mention it was updated, however when writing this a./R16 is soon to come. Just betatesting and shaping it.

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