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What is AudioX Who and how does it work?

AudioX_Who is still in development. While most parts of the mod have been tested, some parts need public testing (particularly cross-realm party/raid operation). Expect AudioX_Who specific bugs.

It is strongly advised that you use a mod to monitor addon chatter, such as Spamalyzer or AddonSpamFu. If you experience persistent heavy traffic from AudioX_Who please disable the plugin. A quick way to do this is to type:

/run DisableAddon("AudioX_Who")
/console reloadui
Please report any AudioX_Who issues here

What is AudioX_Who?

AudioX_Who is a plugin that is designed to identify other players who use AudioX_Who, with a view to finding players who are able to see AudioX chat links correctly.

It detects AudioX_Who users in the Guild, Party, Raid and Battleground channels and any players who are in your friends list. Detections are added to an AudioX_Who roster.

How do I check the AudioX_Who roster?

You may type /ax who at anytime. AudioX_Who will then list each player that AudioX_Who has noticed, along with their AudioX version number and what channels they currently share with you.

F = Friend
G = Guild
P = Party
R = Raid
B = Battleground

How does AudioX_Who work? (semi-technical)

AudioX works by sending and replying addon messages. There are four distinct stages that take place rapidly and silently.
  1. You send "ping" broadcast(s)

    When you join a guild, party, raid or battleground channel (during login or by accepting an invite), AudioX_Who sends a single "ping" message to the appropriate channel(s).

    AudioX_Who also sends silent addon "ping" whispers to each online friend present in your friends list once you've logged in.

    Messages basically contain your character name and your AudioX version number, with an additional letter being used to identify the message as a "ping".

    All outgoing AudioX_Who addon chatter is queued to prevent the mod flooding you offline.

    AudioX_Who should only send one "ping" to each active channel. That said, if you leave a channel and re-join it or join a channel of the same type then AudioX_Who will "ping" the new instance of that channel.

  2. Recipient receives your "ping" broadcast

    The recipient's AudioX_Who adds your name and AudioX version number to their AudioX_Who roster.

  3. Recipient sends you a silent "pong" whisper

    All "pong" whispers are delayed by a random amount of time, the length of which depends on the number of players in the channel that your "ping" broadcast was received from / the number of online friends in your friends list. The idea is that your "pings" don't result in lots of "pong" replies swamping you.

    "Pong" whispers contain the recipients name and AudioX version number, with an additional letter being used to identify the message as a "pong".

  4. You receive a "pong"

    Your AudioX_Who adds the recipients name and AudioX version number to the recipients AudioX_Who roster.

What happens when I query the AudioX_Who roster?

The AudioX_Who roster attempts to be as up-to-date as possible before displaying any information.

For this reason, AudioX_Who runs a quick check to see which channels each player in the roster appears in. If a player isn't present in any of the channels they are removed from the roster.

Once absent players have been removed, the up-to-date AudioX_Who roster is then displayed.