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Scale settings are not saving
Bug #: 6061
File: Miscellaneous
Date: 08-18-09 02:19 AM
By: echoic
Status: Not a Bug
Using /setscale does not save the scale I set. Using the in-game video scale settings does not work either.

Additionally, changing the !Tukzui *.lua scale settings to the desired scale also does not seem to be working.

Everything I've tried always reverts back to the original 0.77... default scale setting.

While I'm no LUA genius, I can't seem to figure this out.

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By: echoic - 08-18-09 02:19 AM
This is for TukzUI r17 repack 2 by the way.
By: tukz - 08-18-09 04:37 PM
working as intended

Tukui will revert back uiscale if uiscale is change because this ui need to be at 0.77 to run fine and this code is located in interface/addons/!tukui/!tukui.xml
By: echoic - 08-18-09 09:06 PM
Ah gotcha. Thanks, Ill just change the scale there. Appreciate the info, and love the UI.