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v1.8.1 loot-Loot.lua stack trace
Bug #: 7859
File: MiniLoot
Date: 11-01-12 04:03 PM
By: Dridzt
Status: Confirmed (Working on Fix)
Moved here from comments section.
Originally Posted by Dridzt
1.8.1 introduced a lot of internal changes
The only issue I'm seeing with 1.8.1 is that it doesn't respect my chat filter settings anymore :o

I had all the item/money/rep etc in a separate chattab (miniloot also showed there) and unchecked from my default tab (general).
With 1.8.1 miniloot puts its info in DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME it looks like.
Got this error as well (can't tell you exactly when as I was in raid combat)

1x MiniLoot-1.8.1 release\modules\loot-Loot.lua:658: attempt to index local "param1" (a number value)
MiniLoot-1.8.1 release\modules\loot-Loot.lua:658: in function "?"
MiniLoot-1.8.1 release\core.lua:401: in function <MiniLoot\core.lua:401>

module = LOOT {
 0 = <userdata>
 CHAT_MSG_LOOT = <func> @MiniLoot\modules\loot.lua:493
 Enable = <func> @MiniLoot\modules\loot.lua:441
 BUMP_LAST_EVENT = <func> @MiniLoot\modules\loot.lua:486
 CHAT_MSG_COMBAT_XP_GAIN = <func> @MiniLoot\modules\loot.lua:493
 CHAT_MSG_COMBAT_GUILD_XP_GAIN = <func> @MiniLoot\modules\loot.lua:493
 CHAT_MSG_COMBAT_FACTION_CHANGE = <func> @MiniLoot\modules\loot.lua:493
 CHAT_MSG_COMBAT_HONOR_GAIN = <func> @MiniLoot\modules\loot.lua:493
 CHAT_MSG_CURRENCY = <func> @MiniLoot\modules\loot.lua:493
 lastEvent = 11504.061
 OnLoad = <func> @MiniLoot\modules\loot.lua:302
 LOOT_CLOSED = <func> @MiniLoot\modules\loot.lua:486
 name = "LOOT"
 LOOT_OPENED = <func> @MiniLoot\modules\loot.lua:486
 IsEnabled = 1
 ON_MATCHER_EVENT = <func> @MiniLoot\modules\loot.lua:493
 CHAT_MSG_MONEY = <func> @MiniLoot\modules\loot.lua:493
 Disable = <func> @MiniLoot\modules\loot.lua:462
event = "CHAT_MSG_LOOT"