I've updated gMinimap slightly. I got some reports from users having issues with the borders, where they would appear fuzzy and/or a black thick line would appear.

This was all related to UIscaling. When you're using borders that contains 3x 1px thick lines, you have to have a perfect UIscale for it. According to WoW, your screen only has 768 lines. So in order for 1px to become 1px, you have to set the UIscale to something that makes 768 / UIscale = your screenheight.

That part is easy. The part that somehow slipped my mind, was that people downloading my addons, probably aren't using any UIscale script like that. And I don't really want to impose a forced UIscale on anybody, just to make my addons look better. So what I did was simply to scale the frame border, while leaving the map itself intact. Oh, I also added some scaling to the map, or to be more correct; I allowed it to change size along with the rest of the UI when you change your own UIscale.

Bottom line is, that the map looks good again!
A reload or two is of course required after setting your UIscale, otherwise the Minimap will come out wrong.

On a sidenote, this little "discovery" allows me to get perfect 1px borders on all my stuff, for all resolutions and UIscales, yay! Perfect meaning it is 1px at all times, but stuff like Multisampling will still screw it up. No way around that.