gChat has reached version 1.24. The main changes are the addition of (yet another) small library; gLib, plus the ability to show your main characters name in Guild- and Officer chat when logged onto alts.

Why yet another library, you may ask. Simple; With more and more of my addons being uploaded, and the need seems to arise to put some Interface Options Menus into them all, there's no way I'm going to rewrite the exact same piece of code for every single one. That would be a waste of time and space. For the user, this makes the addon list more spammy, the memory usage will go down. When it comes to performance, it's no change. gLib, like gMedia, does nothing by itself. It's just there, functioning as a database for all my addons to collect stuff from when they need it.

New the fun part:

When you're logged onto whatever character you consider to be your main, simply type /setmain, and that's it. Now when logged onto other characters on the same server and of the same faction, your main's name will appear in parenthesis after your alt's name when you write something in either Guild- or Officers chat.

I chose to deactive this functionality for all other channels, but you can take a peek in the LUA code if you like. What channels it is active for is set in one of the tables on top of the code.