As gUI is getting closer and closer to release, I've made the decision to NOT have it in one big pack as originally intended, but rather split it up into several minor addons. Yes, this makes the addon list a lot more spammy, but it also allows others to customize the UI to a greater degree without having too much LUA-knowledge.

This has forced me rewrite a lot of the code, and making 2 libraries sort of, for media and general function calls. No way I'm going to add the same media code and files, as well as the exact same functions to create Interface Options Menus, buttons, borders and text to every single addon. This also means that every addon will be released with a dependancy on one or both of gMedia and gLib. Which is no big issue. They are mere libraries, don't take much memory at all. No downsides, only upsides. The more of my addons a person have installed, the more efficient it becomes.

The UI will still of course be released as one "big" download of course, with everything needed included. No setup will be needed, though I expect most people to want to tweak stuff to their own liking. I know I would!

And to those that said yes to help me test out the high res layouts; I haven't forgotten you! I'm still very much in need of that kind help, but as mentioned, I did a lot of rewriting since I felt the urge to release several addons as stand-alones. And I'd rather have all that sorted before attempting any beta-testing. So I caused a small setback for myself with all this, but no biggie. I'm almost back on track, and the result will probably be better for all parties involved, as it allows people to access the individual parts of the UI without the need to install the whole package.

The UI is around 800-1000KB in size. Bigger than some, smaller than others. But in no way big. The options menus and some background textures takes up most the space. I could probably halve the size if I took away all configurability, but I want people to be able to modify some things without any sort of LUA knowledge.