03-15-10 02:29 PM by: Goldpaw
An update for my all-in-one addon GBOT is sort of in the works.

As those of you that used it know, it was/is a collection of many small things, like short chat channel names, automatic selling of junk, automatic repairs, tooltip glued to the cursor, automatic release of your spirit, automatic use of soulstones, automatically decline duels and much more.

Now, some of this functionality have been released in the forms of addons such as gChat, gMerchant and gTip, and I'll probably release more in the near future.

But still there are people with the wish for an all-in-one package. And I intend to update it. But it will be based on the new separated addons, rather than the old rather messy code. As a programmer I'm growing every day, and I'm the first to admit I started out as a complete n00b, and probably still am one...