03-24-10 03:53 PM by: Goldpaw
My interface is "almost" ready for the big public, but still a few things remain to be done. I did some last minute decisions to split the interface into separate addons to allow people to customize it to a greater degree, and I also did some changes like pulling the reputation and experience bars out of my oUF style.

Anyway, it's working, it can auto-configure, it has slash commands to change between the layouts I have NOT yet been able to test, and it's downloadable if you're a very brave person that can handle bugs.

This will be the beta-phase, where the whole idea is to test the layouts in various resolutions, and make it work with them all. As the beta progresses, screenshots from both me and anybody kind enough to participate will be posted in the gallery, and rest assured that anybody and everybody that is a part of it will get their names listed in the final credits list.

The forum thread I've created for this beta phase can be located over at my guild site, as well as the download links for the current beta versions. Everything you need to know is located in that thread. Since this is very much a work in progress, I've chosen NOT to host it here at WoWInterface for the time being. Once the layouts are ready and tested with various resolutions, and the biggest bugs (if any) sorted out, we'll be moving home to WoWInterface again!