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gChat, SetTitle
Bug #: 6503
File: gChat
Date: 03-16-10 07:51 AM
By: Baine
Status: Fixed
Interface\AddOns\gLib\gLib.lua:184: gChatOPTIONS_TITLE:SetPoint(): Unknown region point
Count: 1

Call Stack:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function `SetPoint'
Interface\AddOns\gLib\gLib.lua:184: in function `CreateText'
Interface\AddOns\gLib\gLib.lua:82: in function `CreateOptionsPanel'
Interface\AddOns\gChat\gChat.lua:768: in function `?'
Interface\AddOns\gChat\gChat.lua:33: in function <Interface\AddOns\gChat\gChat.lua:33>

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By: Goldpaw - 03-20-10 02:30 PM
I have experienced the same issue today, it only happens when I have cargBags_Anywhere activated. Always and only. Unresolved but looking into it.