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Welcome to my humble portal.
Feel free to report any bugs or give me general feedback with my AddOns
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10-04-10 06:06 AM by: Epsynus
Allright so i havent updated my Cast bars nor my UI (well i updated it and then i changed my mind in terms of design... AGAIN)
So right now i am skipping to update the UI UNTILL cataclysm. or atleast untill 4.0.1 wich actually should be very soon.

And the reason for lack of updates here and on my casting bars is because i simply havent had to much time and my knowledge is limited so atm in school (wich is the time consumer) i am learning C# And Lua and other subjects.

But expect a castbar update soon and also a UI update once 4.0.1 is released
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07-20-10 07:48 AM by: Epsynus
Wow a post here? OMG its the end of the world

no not really i am going to be alot active here but atm i just wanted to test a few things

btw this portal is evil it got the number 666. :O

coool a test link
cool a test size with colors and another font AND A SMILEY

okay thanks for reading this utterly pointless news post so i could test this
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07-12-10 07:02 PM by: Epsynus
Welcome to Epsynus's new author portal. This is where you can find my news, report bugs, submit feature requests, read the faq and more. Thanks for stopping by!