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ID Bug Date By Status Notes
4798 Wrath error 10-14-08 05:47 PM Veyska Unconfirmed None.
4835 Getting error with RedRange in 3.0.2 10-16-08 03:08 PM Nijle Unconfirmed None.
5706 Conflict with Dominoes (Maybe others) 04-21-09 05:58 PM donofthedead Unconfirmed None.
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
5534 cast failure.. 03-20-09 04:38 AM Hack Unconfirmed None.
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
5647 cant change the toc file 04-16-09 01:26 PM raylovesvickey Unconfirmed None.
6226 Doesn't draw Properly 10-30-09 01:32 PM Euphoria Unconfirmed None.
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
5916 renamecat doesn't rename the category 06-20-09 03:20 AM AaronOfMpls Unconfirmed None.