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12-23-10 05:13 PM by: Lulia
Hello there!

First off, Happy Holidays to those who celebrate, whatever you celebrate. I personally celebrate Christmas, and while I won't derail this too much by talking about it, I do want to mention that I'm excited. Why? Because I get to see family and spend a day enjoying it with just them. I'm sure I'll probably sneak in WoW and such as well, but, I'll get to enjoy some time with my family and that's important to me.

In any case, let's get to the news.

Power Bars
Version 0.5 is out and I haven't heard of any major bugs yet, I'm sure they're out there, but they haven't been reported yet. Hopefully it's functioning for everyone and that people are enjoying the new features added to it. As I mentioned before I began work on it, the primary focus of v0.5 was Eclipse stuff, so Balance druids will have seen the most changes.

v0.6 is not yet begun. Sorry! I've got a part-time job at the local Deli right now so I can catch up on bills and begin to look toward my future in life and what I want to do. That job, combined with the grind of setting up my characters in Cataclysm, combined with getting out a guide for Holy Paladins on TankSpot, combined with life in general means I haven't found much time to begin on 0.6, but, fear not, it will begin.

What should you look for in v0.6? Well, as I mentioned in a comment response on the Power Bars page, v0.6 is going to be all about the power bars: mana, rage, energy, focus, and runic power. I added them quite early in my development of Power Bars, but haven't done much with them. I intend to really develop them in this version, adding features for customizing their appearance with your own images (and aspect rations to suit them). I'd like to give you control over how the text appears as well, from how it appears, where it appears, its size, and what the text tells you.

I'll also be streamlining code. This is something I've tried to do at the beginning of every version so far in the beta. Bit by bit I've gone through and tried to make the code more efficient, easier to read, and easier to work with. This has not been easy, and it takes time, time during which you guys wait to see the exciting new changes, but, instead, nothing is actually being added.

This time around, before v0.6 I really want to overhaul as much code as possible. What does this mean? It could be awhile before you really start seeing updates for v0.6 and before you see a beta go up for testing the new features. So, even when I do begin work, it might be a bit before you can appreciate it, and I'm sorry about that but I feel it's necessary.

Other News
Next AddOn?
Technically I have four files uploaded right now, with two AddOns. I have a set of "hi-res" images for Power Bars, a "beta" for Power Bars and then Power Bars itself. In addition to that I have an AddOn called "Blizz Compact Raid Frames", the name makes it sound like a lot, but it really isn't. Blizzard introduced a new default raid UI and a lot of people didn't like the fact that a little bit of it stuck out on the side of their screen even when "minimized" so I made a small AddOn to deal with that.

Of course, I don't like to go "small" on anything, so the AddOn is open to expansion later should I choose to go with it. For now, however, that is not my planned "next" AddOn and I only consider myself to really have one AddOn right now, Power Bars, which I still consider to be in development or "beta" stages.

So what's next?

I've been toying around with the idea of making an AddOn that I would like to call Waypoint. The basic premise of Waypoint is to work in a similar fashion to TomTom, however, it would have some notable differences. First off, I want to make Waypoint less of a resource hog. This is probably the most daunting task since Cladhaire is a great AddOn author and far better than I if I'm to give my own personal opinion, so, doing something similar to what he did, but to do it better is a fairly intimidating prospect. But it's more than just making it effectively "lighter", otherwise I would just suggest TomTomLite and move on. Waypoint's design is not to direct you to quest locations, but, rather, to be a modular AddOn which other AddOn's can tap into (this is how TomTom is commonly used) in order to direct you.

Thus, Waypoint could work with WoW-Pro's leveling AddOn, just as TomTom does, but with more options on how you would setup the layout, and hopefully just as easy if not easier to work with from the AddOn author's development perspective. But I don't want to just stop there. I want to implement a "route" feature into Waypoint. What's a "route"? A "route" would be a graphical representation of several coordinate points. A "route" could either be "open" or on a "closed circuit".

What's the purpose of a "route"? Ever find that if you followed a specific path in a zone you could hit all of the right mining nodes or the right herbs? Or perhaps you're using an AddOn like gatherer and you just want to be directed to the nearest node. Perhaps you're using a questing AddOn and it points to a specific location that's actually underground, so you're traveling along, reach the spot it's pointing to, and don't see anything. With a "route" you can more easily make paths to give solutions to all of these problems. You can make closed circuits which emulate the paths that popular gathering-profession leveling guides use, and thus be able to follow that circuit in the game without having to refer to the map constantly to see that you're on course. AddOn's like gatherer could hook in to point you with an arrow to the nearest gathering node. Or, AddOn's like WoW-Pro's leveling guides could create a route from where you are to the entrance of the cave that leads underground and THEN to the point of interest for the quest, thus saving you time backtracking.

In any case, those are my thoughts on a possible new AddOn, let me know what you think and whether or not you'd want something like this.

I don't work again until Sunday! thus I'm trying to get my Warrior up past level 80 so I can mine ore and send it to my Holy Paladin to prospect so I can get my JCing up without spending a fortune!