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12-24-10 05:03 PM by: Lulia
The Push to v1.0

That's right, I'm pushing towards v1.0 of my AddOn. When looking at streamlining the code I've decided to go through an entire code rewrite. I'll be going through and hopefully making the code easier to read, more optimal to run, and smaller.

To help me do this I will be using a couple of Ace3 libs.

What about Combo points!?
Anything that I said I would add in v0.6 or v0.7 I will try to add in this release of v1.0. In this way, the release version won't simply be a formality with a few minor script differences, instead, it will be the largest, most ambitious update yet with plenty of new features for everyone. I'll post specifics of what I hope to change in v1.0 on my Power Bars page soon.

No idea. This update is going to be huge, and I'm liable to break quite a few things in the code rewrite. That, combined with all of the life stuff mentioned in previous post, means I will likely be sort of slow to get this out.

Above all else, I want to make sure that any bugs are minor and minimal when it's released, so I will take plenty of time to thoroughly test all new code, and since all of the code will be new...

I'll keep you guys appraised and let you know when I get a "beta" up for version 1.0, it will probably be labeled as v0.6 when I do, but when the release happens it will be v1.0. Thanks for all your support, happy holidays!