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12-31-10 11:38 AM by: Lulia
Happy New years! Well... not quite yet, but this will be my last post before the new year so I'm celebrating with all of you now. A new year will hopefully mean a lot of good things and I'm looking towards the new year with optimism and hope. But, let's get into the news...

Power Bars
Yeah, if you haven't noticed... the rewrite is at a stand still. What's wrong? Well, nothing really. I'm not stumped on anything or otherwise having coding issues, those are likely to happen around the last 10-20% when I start testing the rewrite of the AddOn in the game and get to deal with all the happy bugs that spawn as a result of my insanity.

The stall is more a combination of a number of factors, the most meaningful to you guys being that my WoW time has recently been spent leveling my Warrior. I'm fairly poor at time management, and I really need to be better at it. However, for now, I'm still just god awful at managing my time and my tasks. Thus, when I'm on WoW I'm either doing something with my characters or I'm working on my AddOn.

At the end of the expansion there was little to do with my characters, so I worked on the AddOn. At the beginning of this new expansion there's a lot to do with my characters, so I haven't had much time to work on my AddOn. However, while I play the game to play it and have fun, I DO have fun making my AddOn and I WILL find a way to better balance the time I'm spending doing what needs be done for my characters and pushing out the "first" release version of this AddOn. I know some of you guys are restless to see the next update, because it has features that you've been looking forward to, and I want to be able to give those things to you.

Other News
There's really nothing else to talk about right now. The "next" AddOn is still just stewing in my thoughts until I push out this "release" version of Power Bars. I've been leveling my Warrior, working, and worrying over stupid things. Bleh!