04-24-11 12:44 AM by: jeffy162
OK. MinimapButtonFrame_sClassButtons was NOT really updated. I tried to upload an optional zip of just better graphics, but messed up and made them the main download. On top of that, I chose to not archive the original upload of MBF_sCB, figuring that would force putting the newer upload of the graphics only on the "Optional Files" tab. Well, it didn't. It just made the graphics only the main download, and (obviously) because of my choosing NOT to archive the original upload, just deleted it. So I fixed what I did by uploading the original MBF_sCB file again and everything is back to the way it should be...... Yeah. Except that it now looks like I updated it, but I really didn't.

I'm really sorry for the confusion and the fake "update". I'm trying to get it right, it's just not really working too well.