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New WowAce project page!
By: Kiralyn - 10-04-08 10:55 AM
Kiralyn's Avatar Medley now has a WowAce project page: http://www.wowace.com/projects/medley/

Medley (beta) is released! :D
By: Kiralyn - 10-03-08 08:43 PM
Kiralyn's Avatar I'm excited to announce that my first mod ever, Medley, is now ready for beta testing! I want to keep it in the beta category until it has many more features and any bugs have been fixed.

Please download and let me know opinions and suggestions, I'm quite open to anything.

New name and retirement!
By: Kiralyn - 09-07-08 09:46 AM
Kiralyn's Avatar I was previously known as Roshata of Gilneas, the "author" of the addon compilation called "GroovyUI", hehe. I had lots of fun compiling all my favorite addons into one suite and helping as many people as possible create awesome looking interfaces!

Well, I've since retired Roshata and GroovyUI and moved to a new server (Steamwheedle Cartel) to follow my fiance. I've also decided to try my hand at actually creating an addon! It will be a small, miscellaneous little thing...but hopefully someone out there will like it, besides me.

I will announce its beta release sometime soon. Wewt!

Not much to see here...
By: Roshata - 07-27-08 07:29 PM
Roshata's Avatar So move along, move along...

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