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I am not 100% certain if there was an effect or not but there were many problems in the 2.1 release not only in logic and code, but I just pointed to wrong directories for graphics and created skill helper in an incorrect folder! If you haven't updated to 2.1a and/or your curse client isn't recognizing 2.1a please go into your World of Warcraft directory, open Interface, Addons, and see if there is a directory called SkillHelper2_1. If this directory does exist please delete it and download the addon again either through Curse Client, Curse Website, or WoW Interface. If skill helper is not in a directory named SkillHelper (no version info in the name) then not only is the artwork not going to fully work, but you may run into unpredictable results!

Any other problems feel free to use comments (assuming you aren't in the FB group for communication) and I will look into the issue and work with you to find a resolution.