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12-25-11 12:41 AM by: JerichoHM
Happy Holidays to everyone and may your days be wonderful. I have worked very hard this week to integrate into my new add on, iLvLr, one of my old projects, Durability Helper.

I have successfully integrated the durability tracking into iLvLr as well as item quality tracking and item level tracking. Future updates planned are to have a missing gem/enchant indicator system. I am trying to consider other options for this simple little add on.

In the mean time I have abandoned the Durability helper add on project. It is no longer available on Curse and has been requested to be removed from WoW Interface. This old project didn't play very nicely with the Blizzard interface so I have eliminated it with a much cleaner integration into iLvLr release 1.0.225.

I hope everyone enjoys the new add on and again have a Happy and Safe Holiday.