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01-01-12 12:36 PM by: JerichoHM
There is a strange issue where the first time you load a character after installing iLvLr the indicators for chants and gems aren't all correct.

If you pull any piece of gear and put it in your bag it will fix itself. The ADDON_LOADED or PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD appear to still be giving me issues.

Also I had forgotten that Wrists and Gloves can still be enchanted after the BS Sockets are applied so there will be an update in the future correcting this as well.

These are two KNOWN issues in the addon and are currently being worked on.

I apologize if these throw you off and I will work to repair them as rapidly as possible, however after a 1 week and 3 day programming binge on this project I need a moment to breath

Good news is I am also working to optimize the code. The filesize is now roughly 4K and want to get it below 3K if possible. I have a lot of redundancies that can be handled more cleanly. I'm also going to look into breaking the modules out into separate files for ease of coding (maybe).

Again I am greatful for all of your support on this project and I hope this turns out to be my big one! Skill Helper is still my baby, but this one could be the notable one!