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01-05-12 09:24 AM by: JerichoHM
I didn't want to leave the non-facebook users in the dark on this one so here is a little information shared.

I have been working on code optimization and a major revision of iLvLr. The end product will appear the same to you (the users) initially. The Revision update is simplifying how the data is managed within iLvLr and optimization of how the logical flow works.

I have finished the hand editing of the 14 pages of code from 1.0.252 and I have begun building the new system for how iLvLr is being planned to work. The current product has a completed internal database (Lua Table structure) of almost 300 lines already. This includes a settings section for upcoming customization plans. I am literally adding things that I think of while I write this message to you all.

The primary task of this initial revision update is to remove redundant code. I am taking the current functions structure and breaking it down to 2 or 3 power functions that call on other smaller functions to do tasks that are otherwise redundant in the current code. This is a major attempt to clean up my code so it is presented better.

Other plans within the revision include more commenting so when others look into my code for reference (like I do to many other addons) they will understand what exactly is going on.

Goals for updates that people look forward to seeing will include:
  • slash command control over modules (initially the ability to toggle them on and off)
  • iLvLr showing it's data in the inspect frame
  • showing the target's Equipped iLvL in the tooltip (to get Average I would require both parties to have the addon and have a polling service. The equipped iLvL should be the information most valuable and is my most missed feature from GearScore now that I no longer use it)
  • Equipped iLvL banner in inspect and Equipped/Average banner in player windows
  • Fixing various typos, and accidental exclusions in the code (many which have had no effect on the addons end results)
  • *Capable Dungeon Meter (A bar that will show you what dungeons you can and should be running. I am using a plan similar to WoW-Heroes for this feature. This will also say which raid bosses you are prepared to tackle)
  • **Alt Toon Tracker (I want this to be a button that toggles a frame still within the character pane that will bring up a tooltip that shows all of your recorded characters) This module is intended to show:
    • Character Name (colored by class and possibly with an Icon)
    • Character Equipped/Average iLvL
    • Character Level
    • Character current XP, remaining XP, and rest XP
    • Characters Gold, Silver, and Copper (color coded and with icons if possible)
    • Characters current CP/HP/VP/JP and an indicator if you are capped for the week
    • If possible I would like to store the profession links as well, but I'm uncertain if this will be possible.
*The dungeon meter may not be included in the next update, but it is a goal to have this introduced as quickly as possible

**The alt toon tracker module may not be included in the next update, but it is a goal to have this introduced as quickly as possible

I'm sharing this in all of the media I have to communicate with my user base so you all know that this add on has a very large future. I began writing this for a personal gearing process and ended up releasing what you are now using, and hopefully enjoying. I have since decided that I wanted it to replace certain addons for me that I felt were large and bloated (and from digging in their code inefficient). I am hoping to provide you with a single addon to help with the investment of your character including gearing, maintaining gear, organizing multiple characters, and informing you of how others do the same. More features get added to my feature creep almost daily and I hope to provide you all with the best I can.

On a lighter note I want to celebrate iLvLr's 2 week release anniversary and between all mediums I've already seen over 1000 downloads.