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MoP (Live) Interface Doesn't Layout Correctly
Bug #: 7817
File: LeilaUI v4 (LUI)
Date: 09-25-12 04:55 AM
By: zhiel
Status: Fixed
REQ: MoP (Live)

1. Install UI as detailed
2. Load new character (e.g. Monk)
3. Click Load Castbars
4. Close screen, select YES to reload UI
5. Wait for UI to reload
6. Click load castbards again
7. Press ESC to bring up in-game menu
8. Select Addon Manager
9. Select profiles
10. Choose Most Classes > Set to
11. Reload UI

Notice that SUF's unit frames and Domino action bars are all over the place. The mini bar is displaying partially, but not as expected. The bottom right of the UI is missing and the experience bar is across the top of the screen.

NOTE: I set this up on my Mage this weekend and had no issues. Launching tonight (release of MoP) and setting up my Monk and everything was hosed. Tried a complete UI reinstall twice.

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By: Tonyleila - 12-08-12 01:26 PM
monk problem shoud be fixed