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timer not working
Bug #: 7652
File: AuraTracker
Date: 03-05-12 01:59 AM
By: thetwist
Status: Unconfirmed
hi i added buttons for my shadow priest to track 3 dots...trying to get the itmer to work on them but its not ocming up at all

what i did was input the spellname and ID the same as you have for the others...under the heading local auras...eg

["PRIEST"] = {
17--[[Power Word: Shield]],
34914--[[Vampiric Touch]],
589--[[Shadow Word: Pain]],
2944--[[Devouring Plague]],

then i added these lines under the next heading...AuratrackerDB

["Shadowfiend"] = 0,
["VampiricTouch"] = 0,
["ShadowWord:Pain"] = 0,
["DevouringPlague"] = 0,
["Levitate"] = 1,
["Fade"] = 1,
["PowerWord:Shield"] = 1,

am i missing a key part of the coding or is it bugged...plz let me know cause the rest of the programming doesnt refer to any of these tables

PS: the buttons in-game work and cast the spell so that much is working but
i cant get the timer/cooldown working

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By: thetwist - 03-05-12 02:11 AM
just changed it again to add lay on hands and holy shield for my protadin and the timer works on the new 2 buttons...just thought i would add that