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04-06-12 08:32 AM by: lerb
LerbUI r4 is now live!

It adds new design on borders, repositions and skins the chat, raidframes and player/pet frame. Focus frame has now been moved to the central part of the screen, above the playerframe.

Everytime I upload a new release I get more and more satisfied with my UI, but I doubt I'll ever stop releasing new versions. My playstyle changes from time to time, and my UI will follow my playstyle. That's the thing with compilations - they suit the one that design and release them, and other with the same needs. I'm not interested in creating a UI that matches every player out there. I create UIs to fit me perfectly, and then I upload them for those who think it'll work just as good for them.

Suggestions are always welcome though, and criticism, as long as it's constructive. But with that said, it's not sure all suggestions will be implemented. Only the ones that I see fit.

With that said, get over to the download page and try it out!