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04-11-12 02:32 PM by: lerb
Release 6 of LerbUI will be focusing - once again - on visual stuff.

First off, I will be removing my modules that skins the loot windows, group loot windows, bags and bank frames. I am not satisfied with the way they look, and they do not work very well (specially the bag and bank frames) so I'll simply remove them until I get around to do something better. Sorry!

Secondly, I have been trying to create a better looking border, and I think I have a result I'm happy with. The result isn't far from the old borders, but it makes the UI look less "blocky". I've also made a new statusbar texture that really works well with the new borders and the UI overall. Here's a preview;

I will also be adding my new nameplate layout! It's still a WIP, but here's an idea of how it will look;

Fourth and lastly I will be reorganizing the LerbUI addon folder in benefit for better structure, but this isn't something that will affect the average user. It's mostly because there's tons of folders-in-folders right now and I want a better directory.

Happy gaming fellow players!