12-10-11 07:03 PM by: Syliha
Hey guys!

I'm excited to announce some features fixes and changes for 5.12 which will be released some times soon!

Focus overlapping player frame if buffs AND debuffs are on it.
Playerpoerbaralt fixed (e.g. in end time @ endboss)
Aurora fixed should no longer prevent you from clicking on certain things
WL fix now in from the start (atm available as optional patch, apologies again for this blunder)

I'm thinking about completly redoing this interface without using scaling.
This will take ALOT of time and work as I want nothing to be changed (position wise) but nearly everything will be changed once i remove the scale that is set atm

I want to achieve with this that there won't be any dbm Border offsets as it is sometimes (randomly) appearing right now (minor issue).

As this needs alot of time it will probably takes some days to do and may not make it in 5.12.

I'm currently thinking about some sort of easy way to set up worldmarks. This may make it in 5.12 as a seperate dominos bar at some point.

Also I want to adjust the border of the buffs to the border of the minimap so that the one the buffs use is not thicker anymore, which is maybe to much for my lua knowledge but i want to try it anyways, also not very likely in 5.12.

Last but not least I want to have a look at the ouf frame space between them to make it a bit wider maybe cause recently the text size of the dbm timers got a bit too big so it overlaps the targetframe sometimes.

Lastly I want to try to find some new point for the threadmeter (or some new style) and want to use the space there for some rangeframe adjustments as I do not have Runes there anymore as seen in previous versions.

These Changes are also not very likely to be in 5.12.

So what will be in 5.12?

To sum it up:
Fix for the WL,
Aurora Fix,
Focus Fix,
Built in Worldmarkers,
maybe a fix for dbm offpositionborder thingy

Redoing Rangeframe
Afte 5.12:
Redoing the interface without using scaleing to fix dbm icon-borders.
Redoing Rangeframe and Threatmeter
Adjustments betweeen buffborder and minimapborder
Maybe some slight ouf changes
Built in Worldmarkers

This may sound as there are many updates down the road and as updater are normaly nice cause they fix everything it is annoying to reinstall the interface everytime, rename the folders, set the profile for dominos etc. - I know that.

And that's why I want to either take one day to bring all these changes into 5.12 already or to give you 5.12 with the fixes asap and then take about till new year or mid january for the mostly cosmetic changes.

I would like to hear your opinion on update cycles:
Do you want to have updates as soon as something changes and reinstall the interface therefore or do you want to wait for potentially awesome stuff but then get them all together and only reinstall once? I'd really appreciate your feedback. If there is any comment function on the portal leave me a comment here or contact me by commenting my sUI or by writing me PM.

Hope you now what to expect and if you have anything else you would like to see fixed / improved / included write me a pm and i'll make sure to answer everyone!

Take care!


Ah and btw. Screenshots of the 5.11 Version to be uploaded soon! (2 to be exact ).


First of the new Screenshots are up (3 of them).

Secondly, some things i mentioned above won't work out and will stay the same:
This regards the threatmeter, the space between the ouf frames and the buffstyle as well as the scaling.

Was just looking way off if played in other spots and wasn't providing information on one blink so it stays the same. This means that the range frame will be left of it soon in a similar style.
The scaling cannot be left off cause that would cause the chat to appear either very small or very big.
This leads to the dbm-Border question:
I will post it on wowinterface in a new thread and see if anyone could help me out with this, maybe a thicker border or something in the dbm code will fix the random offposition of the border.
The buffborder isn't changeable by my efforts, so the buffs will most surely be brought 1px down to get in line with the minimap Border and that's it.

Also I have bad news for you regarding the poweraltbar which is used in "end time" etc. this one is used in Blackwing Descent and BoT as well for chogall as well as atramedes and nearly all addons dealing with the position and scale are sadly outdated so I do not really now if there will be any way to solve it.

As it is now every other encounter except of the one in "end time" cause no problem what so ever with the bar so I will leave it in place. If you have anything helpful to say about that please pm me.

Finally all in all we have this upcoming:

So what will be in 5.12?

Fix for the WL,
Aurora Fix,
Focus Fix,
Built in Worldmarkers,
maybe a fix for dbm offpositionborder thingy