12-15-11 08:31 AM by: Syliha
Hey everyone,

after some tweaking here and there 5.12 will hit the server very soon (meaning either today or tomorrow).

NEW Nameplates!
NEW Worldmarkers!
NEW Detailed Installation Guide!
NEW Hidden Chattabs
Fixed the focus
WL Fix now in by default.
Several fixes to various addons (Aurora Reforging should wok now, if not please report to the aurora comments - Improved Dominos Menu Bar Positioning - slightly buff repositioning to be in line with the minimap completly).

Now some detailes:


Installation Guide:
As i thought that some people who are completly new to interfaces could have some difficulties setting everything up i will make it very easy for everyone to understand and use the interface!

Hidden Chattabs

I have Hidden the Background of the Chattabs by default if mousoveriing them. You just see the background of the one currently selected.

Fixed focus:
I was unable to redesign the focus the way i initially wanted (my lua knowledge is just to bad for doing this) so I removed the buffs on the focus, so only debuffs should show now, which is in 95% of the bossfights the "interesteing" factor to look at, you can change this in the ouf hank config by replaying the buff value 0 with e.g. 2 and the debuffs "2" with "0" if you need to see the buffs on the focus in any fight. This is not ideal but I have no time to dig that deep in lua and learn so much stuff to make it "perfect".

WL Fix
The soul shard bar was not at the right place when i initially released 5.11 and is fixed in the hotfix. This is now in by defalt, sorry you'r lovely warlocks!

I hope you will enjoy the update with a few simple additions and improvements and hopefully all the new shy ppl who want to test my interface will have fun with the new installation guide =)

Take care and tell me what you think!