01-22-12 08:03 PM by: Syliha
Hey guys,

sorry for the delay but i had not really any chance to test the interface in "real raid environment" i do not count lfr in this phrase so had to wait till we defeated deathwing today in normal mode 10man.

I got no errors whatsoever so the version is finally able to get uploaded today!

It will come along with our killvid of the deathwing encounter. You can see everything in motion then and see how this interface works in raid environment while still giving you the maximum of free space available!

Hope you will enjoy the update and the vid.

I'd appreciate if you would leave a like on the video maybe even a comment!

Also if you like my interface, don't forget to donate and add it as a favorite so you will be notified immediatly when an update is available!

Finally the expected changelog for 5.13:

- nameplates now only on strg + v toggeling
- ouf freebgrid updated and raid tested
- repositioning of the "extractionbutton" e.g. in deathwing madness fight or ultraxion etc.
- ouf_hank will now only show you'r debuffs on the target
- minor changes
- updated aurora
- There should be no longer be a "reUI" dominos profile