01-29-12 10:21 AM by: Syliha
Hey guys,

just a quick note on the 5.14 update:

- dbm "fix" in (meaning the border will overlap the icons more often, but still not everytime, i might try another fix till the release)
- freebgrid adjusted for healers as i started to play one as well and i noticed some difficulties with the current style. As meele/tank you can still just move the frames to the top as usual

As I want to test the raidframe for healers in fraid first and i still level my priest it will take a few weeks till i release it, maybe i'll make a beta open to you guys for testing before

Thanks for your support once again and feel free to donate any amount you can, i'd hihgly appreciate it! Thanks!


Yeah! Finally! After reading through hundreds (yeah srsly!) of threads about skinning dbm i found a fix and it's working fine now I will release an update "shortly" which means in about 1 day or up to 2 weeks, depending on when i get the healing settings of ouf_freebgrid done.