01-30-12 04:30 PM by: Syliha
Hey Guys,

I tryed to figure out how to get an interface for all of you, but especially as a healer I found mine very difficulty to set up and get a good balance between PvE Raid as Tank/Meele and Healer.

The raidframes where simply to small, especially for healing and the constant swapping of positions on every character as well as the "bad" positioning of dbm as healer if the frame was in the middle made me try out some new ouf_layout.

I love hank like before but also the fact that it not recieves any updates anymore made me look for an alternative.

As it seems now I will use ouf_freeb.

I try to get the majoritiy of things like it is now and i hope that you will love it like me once it's officially there.

As this get's the interface willl positione nearly everything at least slightly different I want to keep the core things like they were before (e.g. castbars, i had alot of difficulties to see them fast enough by default so I have acb castbar enabled and prober positioned again.

Here you get an early screenshot of how it will probably look (even though it's only a few hours old alot have changed by now!):


I will give the actuall Version a last update fixing dbm and some other things but for the sack of keeping this interface alive without having to change the unitframes cause ouf get's no longer updated i want to make this switch early.

Hope you tell me what to think, feedback is essential for me to plan everything !

Thanks for your support!

PS: Some words on the screenshot:

- Threatmeter is not there anymore and has been adjusted texture wise.
- the cooldownbar is now at it's position
- all mouseoverbars are now a 9field mouseover quadrat next to the cooldowns
- classroles as well as hopefully the total HP will get removed to "see more of the actual hpbar"
- all actionbuttons got a new skin to fit in better

Stay tuned for more!