01-31-12 08:21 PM by: Syliha
Hey everyone!

I want to share with you some news I am very excited about!

As you all know I will make a complete overhaule of sUI with the next Version mainly cause ouf_hank does not get supported by the author offically anymore (which leads to the point where it gets outdated on MoP) and cause my interface was not suitable for healers so I had to adjust some things but did not get nice results with my current layout.

So here are pre-beta "changelog-notes" on what's happening:

- ouf_hank get's replaced by ouf_freeb
- freebgrid get's moved to the middle of the screen
- actionbars get's lifted up
- dbm border issue fixed
- readjusting the threatmeter
- hiding most stuff (including actionbars) if ooc or not having a target
- some more dominos changes: Like opacity, positioning, available visible bars (extremly customizable now if you had problems taking all your spells there!), more cooldownbuttons... many more!)
- updated aurora (which you can do yourself actually right now with the current version!)
- adjusted rbuffframe more to "black"
- hiding ugly textures behind chattabs
- Improvements to repsonsebility of chatframe in general
- adjusted appereance on lynstats
- repositioning of dbm
- not anymore used: ouf_rangefader, ouf_totembar, ouf_runebar etc.
- new ractionbuttonstyler - media
- Fully customized ouf_freeb incl. new bossframes
- many more!

I know that some of you who used and liked the acutall 5.13 Version may think now: "Wtf! I do not want a new interface! Sounds like there is nothing like the old one! =( I'm a sad panda!"

Let me tell you that i really try to maintain the style of the current version with better raidsupport.
I played on this interface for MONTHS and i must say that i got used to the new version after only 2 days of playing with it so the most uncommon thing is that the actionbars are now a but up and not down at the bottom which needs a bit time to get used to but it's really easier to see who has aggro etc. now.

The dbm fix will be also able to get placed on the current 5.13 Version and the 5.13 V should also be able to work for months as most of the code is lia based which makes it durable alot, so if you like it you can update it and keep it working, send me the updated version and I will upload it continously for you!

As this Version is going to bring ENOURMOUS changes appereance wise I will get out a beta very soon (expect it to happen this week!).

I would REALLY appreciate everything you tell me even if a thing is only one pxl off or sth, report me EVERY Overlapping, bug, "not nice looking thing" etc. PLEASE I really need your feedback, esp. from all other class or speccs than tankpaladin in raidenvironment as I am not able to test this sooner or later.

The beta will not feature everything i want to change (some freeb adjustments i need help with, so these won't most likely not be in there) and will get updated alot (at least once a day) so please make sure you stay up 2 date with me <3

So finally all what's left to say is that I really hope you will like it and I will provide some raidscreenshots and the beta approximatly today (01.02) around midnight, or tomorrow around noon.

Again, it all sounds like a lot will change but i promise you will still have the old "feeling" and get used to it very soon.

If you have knowledge about lua and like to help me please visit:

Much appreciate your help!

Also if you can afford any amount please donate, I absolutly highly appreciate that, too, keeps me working even harder, thanks for all the ppl that donated so far, too, gracias!

So... if i missed anything, you have questions or want to help please contact me via PM - elsewhere: Feel free to participate in the beta around midnight!

Love ya all <3