02-03-12 04:14 PM by: Syliha

The second beta version is on the way, sadly I have accidently deleted my dbm settings and positioning so I have to recover them later on and after i did this I will upload the second part of the beta with some changes:

BETA 0.0.02 inc


- ouf_freeb:
# Focus only showing the name of the focus in central position
# Showing % on all frames only, if target then showing absolute health, too
# Removing classicons
# Removing Mana absolute number, keeping absolute number for all classes but showing it only when mana/rage/runepower etc. is lower than 131 (so practicaly hiding mana for all classes but showing power for all other)
# Removing Rest-Icon as it is displayed in lynstats anyway
# Disabled PvP-Flag Icon (will stay that way, as it is not necessary for me) can be turned on in line 500 in freeb.lua by removing all 4 "--"
# Resized the timer on the buffs and debuffs so the buffs are easier to see
# Reszied Focus Frame (also got only the name in the middle of it)
# Reszied Pet Frame (also only 100% hp in the middle of it)
# (maybe) Made the target of target bat a bit smaller
# (maybe) Changed the appeareance of the "special power" bar (wl/dk/pala)

- Fixed slight freeb offposition
- Independent of ouf_moveableframes now! (deleted omf therefore)