02-08-12 06:02 PM by: Syliha
Hi guys!

Here some news on the next beta update:

- ouf_freeb
# fixed pet debuffs overlapping cd/actionbuttonbar
# adjusted height of target of target frame
# hiding absolute power value on targetframe
# adjusted the font on all frames
# adjusted name length on all frames
- updated aurora
- since 0.0.1: removed all "loaded addon X" messages and inserted sUI Version instead
- dbm
# slight dbm timer fix
# Merged Boss emote frame with raidwarning frame so that emote messages won't overlap shorttimers anymore, but will instead be in the same frame of raidwarnings (THIS NEEDS TESTING ALOT IN RAIDS!!)
- Dominos: improved "leave vehicle button"- positioning

I will also maybe get an improved special power bar in the release (smaller and more fitting to the width of the player frame). If so that will very likelly be a RC then cause everything I wanted in this will be in there.

I will test it a few days then. Afterwards I will write alot of new F.A.Q.s (e.g. setting up dominos, explaning hotkey layout, explaning CD bar, explaining ouf_freeb displays etc. to help everyone to find himself in a comfortable place!).

Aferwards I will release this as V 1.0 and abandon the beta page.

Again: Thanks so much for testing! With the next version I will need alot of testing (maybe even in older instances for the special power bar (corrupton on chogal )) in Raid environment to see if that dbm merge works well.

Stay tuned! Release approximatly in the next few days if not till friday then about monday or tuesday cause i won't be there over the weekend.

If you have some feedback feel free to share you'r opinnion! Implenting things now is alot easier than later!
See ya!

PS: As a sidenote I uploaded !FREEZING to a new version with some changes, if you do not already use my UI you might wanna check it out

PPS: Little update on the upload: As the raidwarningmessage tweak did not really work i will test sunday, expect update on sunday/monday. Also new video inc

New Beta and Video will be uploaded earliest on wednesday as i radi lfr. Raid on Sunday was canceled so i wasn't able to test it