03-13-12 06:52 PM by: Syliha
Hey guys,

I tested the ui alot last weeks in raiding environment and got nothing that bothers me now except of making the special power bar a bit widther, so that it won't be a few pixel shorter than the player bar.

That beeing said i think that the 0.1 RC beta will be final release package.

So if you want you can use the beta already. As aurora got updtade today the final release will also contain it.

Expect this to hit somewhere "soon". (Again only 2 changes maybe the special power bar and definitly the aurora update.)

If you have any bugs or things that you wanna have improved please pm me soon! (: really appreciate your help!

See ya!

UPDATE 22.03.2012
Hey guys!

Just to let you know:
We are right now finally able to raid heroics and making progress rapidly. I just wasn't included in the lineup until now which results in a last few testings in hardmode environments before releasing it.
This being said it may be today or in about a week (at the latest after next sundays id) that the new version will go out of beta.
You can use the beta elsewhere because except of some addon updates which you can do via curse etc. yourself there is nothing changed.

Just though i let you know what i'm up to, i just want to make sure everything works perfectly fine (:

Best Regads and see you!