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Welcome to my little corner of the WoW community... Home of BagBoy, rooting around in your inventory for a few weeks now.
05-03-06 04:41 PM by: Ratbert_CP
Removed a few dependencies, added a few features...
03-22-06 05:51 PM by: Ratbert_CP
Just uploaded BagBoy 0.5 beta.

I've added banking support! I've also added support for BossPanel.

You'll need PeriodicTable as well (for now, I use it to not sell/trash/bank items in ammo bags or soulstone pouches, but I'll be adding more functionality later)

As of this version, I'm only grabbing price data from KC_Items. I'll be looking at adding support for other addons as demand grows.
02-24-06 07:12 PM by: Ratbert_CP
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