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Bug #: 3976
File: WoW UI Designer
Date: 10-03-07 01:24 AM
By: Detritis
Status: Unconfirmed
When I run the program and it scans the default blizzard files and then my addons, after it has completed the addon scan it just sits and doesnt do anything at all.

It is simply not responding to anything and I need to force it to close.

If I however put the /noaddons command into the shortcut it runs fine and lets me load my addons.

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By: Detritis - 10-03-07 05:29 AM
Hmmmm more details I think I should of added:-

Currently running Windows Vista, fully updated and patched, I have both WoWUI v1.0.300.10 & v1.0.300.102 installed, obviously in seperate folders (cuz of other mentioned bug/missing feature). Haven't had chance to uninstall them both and just try with 1 installed to see if it helps. Will try ASAP.
By: Nulkris - 10-03-07 06:12 AM
It may be one of your addons, either look through the wowuides.dbg file in the installation directory, or attach it to a forum post so I can check it.
By: Detritis - 10-03-07 07:01 AM
Ok very strange, I deleted wowuides.dbg and then noticed a wowuides.1.dbg which I also deleted. After went throught the long process of rescanning and low and behold it went through.

Ah well seems ok for now. Will let you know if it happens again.
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