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Really messed up.
Bug #: 513
File: WoW UI Designer
Date: 03-29-06 12:35 PM
By: KiraDouji
Status: Fixed
This program can't find any of the files it's looking for. I load it up and it immediately tells me that a bunch of files are invalid, it can't find the inheritence for this, that doesn't exist, etc... etc.. I tried going through the tutorial and when I hit "new form" and selected "default" the program emerged with an error akin to "OMGWTFBBQ". >>; That is to say it listed, again, a lot of files that it couldn't find and then stopped working.

This is one broken pup. :(

- Kira

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By: Nulkris - 03-29-06 04:29 PM
Please state what version you have installed and whether it just started happening after updating to 1.10 WoW client.
By: DrCuddles - 08-30-06 06:57 PM
I ahve this same problem, it cant find any file since 1.12 patch but i only just downloaded it like today so im thinking this is just an update issue and u may just need to change only a couple of things.... hopefully =P