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config.stackFontOutline not functioning
Bug #: 7909
File: EventHorizon Continued
Date: 01-03-13 10:24 AM
By: kahdgarxi
Status: Unconfirmed
As far as I can tell the config.stackFontOutline option is not functioning correctly. I did a little fidgeting with your code, and I see a couple things that could be causing it. On line 2378 where the font for stack size is actually set, there is no argument for the SetFont function for the outline setting. I tried just sticking in a ,var.StackFontOutline in there, but it looks to me like the config variable isn't getting copied into var for some reason. I got lost trying to figure out where. I'm working with the myconfig.lua file, by the way. I just copied mine straight from your config.lua and made changes.

I hope this is enough info. Thanks for your continuing work on a great addon!