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Feature #: 4573
File: KayrChat - Language Deobfuscation and Multiline Messages
Date: 08-13-12 03:13 AM
By: Nikeia
Status: Feature Implemented
In my heavily modified UI, floating extra buttons (language button of this addon) do not really fit. Would it be possible to add a LDB plugin so that users could incorporate this very promising addon to TitanPanel/Fortress and other LDB data displays?

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By: Kvalyr - 08-13-12 07:21 AM
Great idea, I'll get on it.
By: Kvalyr - 08-13-12 09:09 AM
KayrChat_LDB now available here.
Make sure to also get the updated (compatible) version of KayrChat (v0.2.0 or higher).
By: Nikeia - 08-13-12 10:02 AM
Whoa, that was fast! I'll go to try it out right away
By: Kvalyr - 08-13-12 10:31 AM
Hope you like it!
v0.2.0 of KC was sometimes showing the Language Button again after login when it's supposed to be disabled. Fixed in v0.2.1, so you can be rid of that pesky button. :P
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