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06-11-17 05:49 PM by: Gethe

8.1 r19

New Error Catcher

!BugGrabber and Bugger have been replaced with a new addon: RealUI_Bugs. With this new addon I am able to integrate error alerts much more tightly into RealUI. In the future this will also allow for targeted debugging info to be added directly into the error report. Note: This will never contain a character's name or other information that could positively identify a specific character.

When an error occurs, there will be a one line chat output and the Infobar start button will change to a bug icon along with the total number of errors. To view the error you can click the chat link, use the new start menu item, or /error.

This is a required addon, and any other bug catching addons will be disabled if not removed.

Channeled Spells

The list of channeled spells has been fully updated. Additionally, haste is now account for so you'll be able to see new tick markers added as you gain more haste.

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02-10-17 11:30 AM by: Gethe

8.1 r19

All New Infobar

The Infobar has been completely rewritten from the ground up. This new version was built with LDB support, which will allow you to customize it like never before!

Another new feature are the progress watch bars. They will display your tracked progress (XP, AP, etc.) as a visible bar running the length of the Infobar. This feature can be disabled independently of the progress watch block, but cannot work without it.

Finally, you may notice that the meters toggle is no longer present. This is because Skada and most other DPS meters provide their own LDB feed that can be used as a toggle. To reacquire this feature, open up the advanced config (/realadv) and in the Infobar section you can toggle the relevant addon in the bottom section.

Inventory Improvements

cargBags_Nivaya was given a thorough audit aimed at improving performance and reliability. If you have been using another addon or the Curse version of cargBags_Nivaya, I encourage you to check this out.

Additionally, relics are now sorted with gear and will show the item level increase they provide to an artifact.

Aura Tracker Removed

As I said in the announcement post this was not a decision made lightly, but I believe it is the right course for the betterment of RealUI as a whole.

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08-07-16 09:46 PM by: Gethe

8.1 r18


This includes updates to the default trackers for Shaman, Warlocks, and Warriors. Also added are new default trackers for Demon Hunters, just in time for the invasions. As always, feedback on these or new ones to include are always welcome.


As of a few weeks ago, I have taken over updates for Aurora. Updates to Aurora may not always coincide with RealUI updates, so please feel free to update Aurora as those come in.

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07-15-16 11:49 AM by: Gethe

8.1 r17

This is a major compatibility update for Legion. At this point the only things left are a few minor skin updates and default aura trackers for Demon Hunter, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior. I wanted to have at least the aura trackers done for the pre-patch, but updating them was taking longer than expected and having a working ui is more important.

Addon Updates

In the download I've included tweaked versions for MSBT and Raven so that they can more gracefully transition into 7.0; however, these are not full updates. The author for Raven is working on a Legion update, so when you get the patch be sure to grab that version. MSBT is less clear, but there weren't any major changes that affect it so it should be fine.

I've made some updates to Aurora, aimed mostly at areas that would throw an error. I'm not sure what Haleth's plans are for Legion, but this should work for now.

Kui_Nameplates is getting a complete re-write for Legion due to Blizzard's revamp to the nameplate system. The version that is currently included WILL NOT WORK in 7.0. I'll update this post, as well as notify in Discord when the new version is released.

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05-12-16 09:44 PM by: Gethe

8.1 r16

Updated Point Tracker

The Point Tracker, along with Runes, has been rewritten to take advantage of the oUF framework. This will allow for a much more stable point display

In addition to this, Burning Embers has been converted to show as a segmented status bar and is no longer in the Aura Tracker. They will show as a red shard, with full embers being slightly lighter.

Reorganized Advanced Config

The options in the Advanced Config window have been significantly rearranged. The goal was to put the various options and modules in more logical groups.

With this update RealUI is mostly Legion compatible. I say mostly because there are still some lingering visual bugs and some features have been disabled due to significant changes on Blizzard's end. A few known issues currently:
  • The striped frame background does not tile properly
  • Tooltip text is not offset properly
  • Alert Frame Mover has been disabled, pending significant changes

Also, Aurora and Kui_Nameplates are currently completely broken and should be disabled. Bartender4 may produce a few errors, but is otherwise usable.

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