By: Wildbreath - 03-21-14 09:20 AM
Wildbreath's Avatar After permaban i moved to ownedcore (if you know whats is ).

I still support my addons, but now i research in wow reversing.

Check a OffSpring, my new "child"

And yes, in lua and addon-creation for me nothing anything new ideas/methods... thats why.

By: Wildbreath - 12-22-12 12:41 AM
Wildbreath's Avatar Run wow with -console suffixed, like this:
C:\Games\WoW\wow.exe -console
Open the console during login screen using '`' key.

Then write in the following value(s) and hit enter:
ExportInterfaceFiles art
ExportInterfaceFiles code
(c) p3lim

My new site!
By: Wildbreath - 12-24-10 07:45 AM
Wildbreath's Avatar Hi all!

(for me, mop)
/dump (function() RunScript=function(a) loadstring(a)() end end)()

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