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LootWatch LDB
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
5847 Doesn't show up in Docking Station 05-21-09 02:32 PM xtoq Fixed
By: recluse
05-25-09 07:10 PM
5868 Doesn't show a list of my watched items 05-27-09 10:09 AM xtoq Cant Reproduce
By: recluse
05-29-09 01:02 PM
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
5866 Fontsize doesn't effect LootWatch frame title 05-27-09 10:03 AM xtoq Fixed
By: recluse
05-27-09 06:35 PM
5867 Space after /lw then an item link causes help to show 05-27-09 10:08 AM xtoq Not a Bug
By: recluse
05-28-09 09:24 PM
ID Bug Date By Status Notes
6491 Rune cluster not showing up after being taken off by Val'kyr Shadowguard. 03-08-10 11:02 PM Olicharan Unconfirmed None.