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I hope you find something useful here, but my primary aim with my addons is that they be unintrusive. If an addon does nothing for you, and when it does, it should be immediately forgotten after turning it on.

If any of my addons are giving you pains, please let me know!
10-30-08 04:49 PM by: Scudmarx
So, since the last news post, both those addons got moved into their proper categories (thanks Cairenn!), so hopefully more people will see them now, which is always nice. ScudThreat had what seemed like an odd bug, which is now sorted out, which was fun. And I've sort of started on a couple of new projects but they may not go anywhere. I suppose letting people know what I'm thinking may make somebody request them though, so here goes.

ScudDrunk - Should test whether the player is drunk, and if they fail the test then it will stop them using any Guild Control powers. The idea is like a walk-the-line test, you simply need to drag a little button from one end of a line to the other without going outside the box they're contained in. Obviously it's something that can be got around, you just turn it off from the addon menu, but making it harder to drunkenly gdisband seemed like a good step. Trust me, in my guild, I'm gonna regret not getting this out sooner I know.

ScudRaidThreat - This is sort of already uploaded, though the version that is up I know has a fairly disastrous bug in it. But there's so little interest in it I couldn't really be bothered upping the fixed version until it does something a bit more marketable. It's supposed to tie ScudThreat into ScudRaid, but that also has no interest at all (unsurprisingly), so it'll probably get shelved.

ScudLayout - This started off when I couldn't find updated versions of Bartender and Pitbull that I liked. Both of them seemed to take up an absurd amount of memory, and also just plain didn't function like I'd expect. So I wrote this to move all the default blizz frames into the configuration I had my old ones set up in using those addons. It was going ok, but the Blizz frames really don't like being moved around or anything and it just started getting more like a chore than it seemed worth. So at the moment, whilst it still can move the layout around as I had it, I only use it because I put mouse-scrolling chat log functionality in it as well. I'm thinking of moving the chat log scrolling into ScudLight (alongside its minimap mousescrolling) and ditching this, or I may if I can be really bothered (unlikely) work on it and ship a configurable version. But it would be quite a bit of work, and wouldn't result in a UI that's any more useful than the default one. Just slightly different looking. So yeah, I'll probably just keep the chat log bit.

Oh, I also have an addon called ScudAdin that I wrote for a protadin friend who is always charging into combat without Righteous Fury up, it just shouts at him when he does. That's all. I could up this some time I guess, but it's such a trivial little thing and I can't really imagine many people need it.

Just thought that was all of some possible interest to some of you. And I do like posting stuff - makes me feel important .

So this week (everybody says) is bringing patch 3.0 to the live servers, which amongst far more important things, means ScudThreat, and technically ScudRune, are ready for release.

I'm sure you're all beating the rush updating all your other AddOns in preparation; I'm struggling to find ready versions for several of the ones I use . This isn't meant as scaremongering, there are very few changes coming with the patch that will break any old AddOns. But there are some useful new things being introduced that will allow new and improved versions of some.

Ja na!